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Individual Life Insurance

GLICO Family Life Comprehensive Plan

The GLICO Family Life Comprehensive Plan is a unique term policy that provides a guaranteed lump sum to you or your spouse (cover extends to one more spouse) in the case of death, permanent disability, and critical illness.

Enhanced Life Savings Plan

The Enhanced GLICO Life Savings Plan is specially designed to help you set and achieve your financial goals by guaranteeing you a lump sum at the end of a specified term. This Plan shall pay you a lump sum benefit if you become permanently disabled or to your beneficiaries, if you pass away.

Enhanced GLICO Education Endowment Plan

The Enhanced GLICO Education Endowment Policy (GEEP) is essentially an investment plan with insurance benefits designed for individuals to accumulate cash for use in financing a child’s and/or Policyholder’s education.

GLICO Ideal Funeral Insurance Plan

The GLICO Ideal Funeral Insurance Plan is designed to provide lump sum to cover the cost of funerals. The cash is paid to you, the Policyholder, or named family members when death of a loved one occurs.

GLICO Premium Funeral Insurance Plan

We know you and your family deserve much more and that is why we have designed the GLICO Premium Funeral Insurance Plan to give you much more.

GLICO Personal Accident Plan

The Plan covers you, the Main life, and your spouse with a minimum term of 10 years and a maximum of 20 years.

Micro Insurance 


“Edwa Nkosoↄ” is also a local Akan phrase that translates to “Business Progression”. The GLICO Edwa Nkosoↄ Plan is a bespoke product targeted at the large informal sector workers, who earn daily income and desire to save part of their income daily with some form of insurance cover.


“Anidaso” is a local Akan word in Ghana that means “hope”. The GLICO Anidaso Plan has been designed to offer potential informal sector policyholders and their families low-cost life insurance and thus provide them unhindered access to insurance products.

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