Enhanced Life Savings Plan

This is an endowment plan aimed at helping the Life Assured set financial ambitions with a guaranteed lump sum assured benefit at the end of a specified term. The plan also provides lump sum payment for death and total permanent disability ...

This policy is a Universal Endowment Assurance Maximum Savings Plan, with a compulsory term assurance rider. Its unique feature is the Savings and Protection benefits put together to provide lifetime lump sum cash needs of the life assured. 

Savings Benefits:  

This is the accumulated lump sum (savings plus interest) payable to the life assured upon the maturity of the policy or upon the earlier death of the life assured during the term of the policy.  

Protection Benefits:  

The Plan also has riders, which provide insurance or pure risk cover to ensure that upon the occurrence of an assured event, a stated amount of benefit is payable to the life insured or his beneficiary. 

  • Term (Death) 
  • Accident Indemnity 
  • Hospital Cash Income 

There are other provisions: - 

  • Partial Withdrawal 
  • Policy Loan 
  • Escalator for inflation protection 
  • Incontestability 
  • Non-forfeiture 
  • Reinstatement  
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