GLICO Premium Funeral Insurance Plan

Glico Premium Funeral Insurance Plan

We know you and your family deserve much more and that is why we have designed the GLICO Premium Funeral Insurance Plan to give you much more.

The GLICO Premium Funeral Insurance Plan is designed specially to meet the high cost of funerals you or family may incur upon the loss of a beloved family member or you.

A lump sum of up to GH¢200,000 shall be paid to the named beneficiaries or next of kin to cover the funeral expenses of your funeral or loved ones.

Policy Features
The GLICO Premium Funeral Insurance Plan covers you and other family members as per the ages stated on the table below:

Life AssuredMaximum LivesMinimum AgeMaximum Age
Main Life 18 years59 years
Spouse218 years59 years
ChildrenUnlimited024 years
Parents and Parents in-law435 years80 years
Extended Family Members235 years80 years

Main Benefits/Features Of The Plan

1. Death Benefit
In the unfortunate event of your death while the policy is active and waiting period has elapsed, the sum assured shall be paid to your beneficiaries. The table below shows benefits payable in respect of the death of a life assured:

Life AssuredMinimum Sum AssuredMaximum Sum Assured
You (Policyholder)50,000200,000
Parents and Parents in-law25,000100,000
Extended Family Members25,000100,000

2. Accidental Death Benefit
Should you or your spouse pass away through an accident, the total sum assured plus a lump sum of 50% of the sum assured shall be paid to the beneficiaries.

3. Total Permanent Disability Benefit
A lump sum benefit of up to 100% of the sum assured, shall be paid depending on the severity of the disability when any of the lives assured becomes totally and permanently disabled as a result of an accident or illness. The percentage sum assured for each Life Assured is stated in the table below:

Life AssuredMaximum Sum Assured
You (Main Life)100%
Parents and Parents in-law50%
Extended Family Members50%

4. Replacement of Deceased Life
You can at any time during the term of the policy swap one of the Life Assured with an uncovered life when death of an existing life assured occurs.

5. Cover for Other Lives Assured
The cover for your children shall cease when the any of the children attains age 30. The premiums for the child(ren) and other insured deceased family member will be credited to an accumulated fund and can be accessed by the Main Life annually, or used to reduce outstanding premiums.

6. Premium Holiday
You shall be entitled to one-month premium holiday over the policy term.

7. Loyalty Benefit
You shall also be entitled to a 5% cash back on all premiums paid after every 5 years.

8. One Week Celebration and One Year Memorial
In the event of your death, 5% of the sum assured shall be paid towards the One Week and One Year Memorial respectively.

9. Memorial Project
5% of the Death Benefit Sum Assured shall be used to undertake memorial project to preserve your memory and legacy if you pass way.

10. Family Upkeep
In the event of your unfortunate death, 5% of the Death Benefit sum assured shall be paid to your named beneficiaries to cater for the cost of living.

11. Family Holiday
If you pass away, an amount equal to 15% of the Death Benefit sum assured shall be paid to your named beneficiaries to fund the cost of their next holiday.

Additional Features

1. Waiver of Premium
Upon your death or permanent disability, no premium payment shall be required and the policy shall remain active until each life assured attains age 100.

2. Never Lapse
The policy shall never lapse.

3. Benefit Escalator
The benefits payable under this policy shall be The benefits payable under this policy shall be escalated at a mandatory rate of 5% with an upward premium adjustment of 10%. You may also select a rate between 5% & 15% and the respective premium adjusted at a rate equal to 30% of the selected rate.

4. Modal Premium
This enables premium rates to be converted to different periods i.e., premiums are discounted per the table below:

Premium ModeAnnualSemi-AnnualQuarterlyMonthly
Modal Loading90%95%100%100%

When Will My Cover Commence?
Cover will start when your application is accepted by GLICO LIFE, you pay your first premium and the Policy is issued to you.

Who Qualifies For This Policy?
This Policy is designed for any individual within the ages of 18 to 59 years and can make the required monthly premium payments.

How Do I Join The Plan?
Our experienced Customer Service Executives are ever ready to complete a short digital proposal form (M-Proposal) on their mobile devices for you. Your policy would be issued when the first premium is received by GLICO LIFE through our numerous premium payment services.


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