“Anidaso” is a local Akan word in Ghana which means “hope”. The objective of Anidaso is to offer potential policyholders a low cost life insurance product concept and to help overcome the market blockages hindering clients from accessing insurance products.

The initial concept, in partnership with Care International- a Non Governmental Organization, was to reach out to low income earners in the rural area to offer insurance assistance in the event of loss so that they can continue trading.

GLICO Anidaso Insurance Policy is a pure term insurance plan designed to provide payment of a lump sum at the end of the policy period.  The unique feature of this product is that it can be taken out as a stand-alone policy or taken together with a savings benefit.  The policy can also be extended to cover the principal life insured’s immediate dependants, that is, spouse and children below 18 years or above if in full time education.

The minimum daily contribution is GHC 10.00 and is available for individuals 18 years and above.

Additional benefits

  • Hospitalization Income Benefit: in the event that the policy holder is hospitalized during the period this policy is in force, the rider shall pay the amount of benefit applicable as Daily Hospital Income Benefit for the number of days that the insured shall be admitted in the hospital up to the maximum period of 360 days.


  • Accident Disability Benefit: if the policy holder sustains bodily injuries in an accident leading to temporary or permanent disability, GLICOLIFE shall pay the amount of money payable under the accident Disability Benefit.




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