The GLICO Group Comprehensive Plan is an all- encompassing group insurance plan designed to adequately and equitably cover employees of an institution. The plan is designed to give 24 hour cover whether the employee is at work or outside the office or is involved in an activity outside working hours.


  • Group Life (Term): when an employee dies, the beneficiaries would be paid a lump sum equivalent to the employee’s annual salary or its multiples or stated sum as agreed upon with the employers.
  • Group Personal Accident: an employee who gets involved in an accident could have the following unfortunate outcomes:
  • Temporary disability: GLICO LIFE shall pay the employee’s monthly income as compensation until the time he/she recovers and resumes work duties.
  • Permanent disability: an employee shall receive the full sum assured when this happens. However, in the case of a loss of body part, GLICO LIFE shall pay either 100% or 50% of the sum assured depending on the number of specified body parts lost.

GLICO LIFE shall also pay medical costs incurred up to 10% of the sum assured

  • Workmen’s Compensation: an employee involved in an accident in the course of discharging his/her official duties, shall be paid by GLICO LIFE through the employer, the recommended benefit to be determined by the Labour Officer under the Workmen’s Compensation Act.
  • Dread Disease or Terminal Illness: Dread diseases/terminal illness refers to diseases such as: Heart Attack; End-stage Stroke; End-stage Cancer; Kidney Failure; Paraplegia: Blindness among others. When such occurs, GLICO LIFE shall pay 50% of the total sum assured.

The benefits enjoyed under the Group Comprehensive Plan ceases to apply when an employee retires, resigns, passes away or have his/her appointment terminated.



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