John Ekar Smart

John Ekar Smart

Chief Sales Officer

John Ekar Smart is an astute insurance salesperson with expertise in financial services. He began his insurance career in 1987 when he joined GLICO Life as a Sales and Marketing Executive.

Before traveling to the US to further his education, John was promoted to the rank of a marketing manager; the first employee of GLICO Life to hold that position.

After completing his studies in the USA, John stayed and worked for over twenty years in banking. Some of the banks he worked with include the Bank of America N.A and Susquehanna Bank N.A.

In 2014, Mr. Smart was appointed the Group Marketing Consultant to streamline sales operations and in 2015, he was appointed Chief Business Development Officer of GLICO Life responsible for growing the Individual Life arm of the business. In 2019, Mr. Smart took a new role as the Chief Business Support Officer.

Mr. Smart holds a post-graduate Diploma in Life Insurance from the School of Professional Studies, New Jersey – USA, a post-graduate Diploma in Life Insurance Marketing from Life Insurance Management and Research Associate (LIMRA) in Connecticut – the USA, and an Associate Degree In Computer Science from KNUST – Ghana.

He is also a member of the American Institute of Bankers (AIB) and holds a postgraduate Diploma in Banking from the USA, an MBA in Finance from Strayer University – USA, and a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the University of Phoenix – Arizona, USA. He has acquired a Diploma in Insurance from the Ghana Insurance College and pursuing courses that would lead to him becoming a Chartered Insurer.           

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