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A consistent colour is vital for brand identity and recognition. Our brand colours have been carefully selected to represent what we stand for as a GROUP. For this reason, GLICO Red (100% Pantone 1797C) and Blues are the colours of choice for the representation of our logo.Wherever possible, the logo should be reproduced in the two (2) specified colours.PMS (spot) colour printing offers the most accurate colour fidelity for the logo but it cannot be used to reproduce full colour photographs.

For promotional brochures with full colour photos,CMYK printing is the right process to use. Where colour is not an option, use black print.

To ensure the unified look that is so vital to a strong brand identity, it is important to reproduce the colours in the GLICO palette as accurately as possible in all print and electronic applications. All the relevant colour-matching formulas are provided under “colours” in downloads.


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